redundancies are difficult

We’re here with career transition support when your business needs it most.

do the right thing

Your employees have helped make your business what it is. Give them the support they need when redundancies are necessary. Show you care and appreciate all they have done for your company.

reduce risks of legal action

When making employees redundant there are strict procedures to follow. One mis-step and a disgruntled or resentful employee could take legal action, such as an unfair dismissal claim. This could cost thousands of pounds in compensation and countless hours of time preparing to defend. 

realise ROI

Get industry-leading redundancy support for less than you’d expect. While your employees receive the most contemporary career transition services available, you’ll meet your financial business goals with tailored solutions to keep you lean.

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helping your business and your employees find new beginnings faster

more than 10

years providing industry-leading outplacement support, protecting employer brands, reducing costs, and successfully transitioning employees. 


of fees invested in services that matter. Unlike almost all other UK providers, we don't have the costs associated with maintaining a network of offices. We can come to you and deliver on-site, or your people can access all our services from home with industry-leading tech.


recruiters to increase relevant and timely job lead opportunities.

give your employees the best career transition support

Using our cloud-based platform, career coaches, and customised job search resources, your employees will quickly land a new job – preserving trust, good relationships, and your employer brand.

career coaching

Start your employees' new beginnings with a sprint rather than a walk. Our certified career coaches give your employees the advice, motivation, and tools they need to discover a new job in the same industry, change careers, become an entrepreneur, join the flexible workforce, or transition to creative retirement.

career coaching

professional CV writing and branding

We get your employees market ready faster with a professional brand and an impactful CV that raises them above the competition. Our professional CV writers provide personalised CV critiques, full CV rewrites, LinkedIn and social media bios, and custom-written cover letters to help your employees get noticed.

cv writing and branding

exclusive job leads

In addition to our AI-powered SmartMatch tool, our professional job sourcers take the time to understand every job seeker’s career goals and preferences and match them to relevant job opportunities they may not have found on their own to accelerate their time to land. With access to hidden jobs (those not on job boards), connections with over 6,500 recruiters, and our semantic matching technology, we have the tools and expertise to help transitioning employees find their next, best job.

job concierge

technology and resources

Our technology platform is not just a job board aggregator with generic content on job searching tips. It’s a powerful resource centre armed with all the research and information your employees need to prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, and stand out from the competition.

technology for participants

HR resources.

HR resources

speak to an expert.

unleash worklife possibilities for your organization and employees.

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