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Redeployment enables companies to move current employees to other internal roles or assignments, either on a temporary or permanent basis, based on business need. At Randstad RiseSmart, when a company needs to restructure, our redeployment solution provides transitioning employees with coaching, resume and job concierge services, and 24/7 access to online resources.

Redeployment empowers individuals to quickly discover new internal opportunities best suited to their interests and skills or exit the organization within a designated time period. In the long-term, redeployment builds and expands the skills of employees, providing opportunities for internal mobility and career growth that breed a culture of learning critical to workforce readiness and organizational agility. The ripple effect of redeployment can be felt far into the future, leaving your organization with a stronger employer brand and in a better position to attract and hire the best talent when needed.

Learn how redeployment can help your organization support individuals’ long-term employability, preserve jobs, protect your employer brand and reduce talent acquisition costs, among other key benefits, along best practices for making the most of redeployment.

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