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Amsterdam, 04 August, 2021 — Leading outplacement and career mobility provider Randstad RiseSmart today announced a new collaboration with learning provider GoodHabitz in Europe, adding 3,000+ courses in eight local languages to its already extensive skilling solution.

Adding an additional learning provider to its skilling solution, next to established partners like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning, ensures the best learning experience for individuals impacted by workforce restructuring or participating in a career development or redeployment programme based in Europe. RiseSmart is now better positioned to offer individuals a customised skilling experience in eight, soon to be 10, different languages, allowing more learning opportunities and giving individuals more control of their career paths.

“By adding GoodHabitz to our skilling solution, we bring more diversity in training to both blue- and white-collar workers, unlocking their potential by adding thousands of additional learning courses to our existing list,” said Arco Elsman, managing director, Randstad RiseSmart Europe. “Continued learning ensures that employees have the right skills to support sustainable, future-fit careers. We are always eager to invest in new partners and technology to help our customers overcome skills gaps and support a futureproof workforce.”

According to the latest ‘Skilling Today’ report by Randstad RiseSmart, most employers view ongoing skilling as imperative to maintaining a competitive edge. The report also found that the top three skills European employers want their workers to learn in the near future are: communication (36%), adaptability (36%), collaboration (27%).

GoodHabitz offers a variety of courses that will empower employees and help them learn in-demand skills. Investing in skilling and consequently supporting internal talent mobility within an organisation has many other benefits.

“Empowering employees to learn new skills and redeploying talent instead of letting them go is more cost effective than hiring new talent and can help drive employee engagement and retention,” said Elsman. “Another advantage is that by developing skills internally, organisations can avoid challenges related to competing for scarce, outside talent with relevant skills. Given how quickly in-demand skills and business needs are evolving, organisations in Europe need to prioritize investing in reskilling and upskilling their workforce more than ever before.”


About Randstad RiseSmart

Randstad RiseSmart is the fastest-growing outplacement and career mobility provider, and an operating company of Randstad N.V., a global provider of flexible work and human resources services that helps nearly two million candidates find meaningful work every year. Our outplacement, career development, redeployment and contemporary tech and touch solutions strengthen employer brands, improve retention and re-engage talent. Employers hire us because we deliver superior outcomes through expert coaching, professional branding, contemporary resources and on-demand analytics. Today, we are a trusted partner of successful companies in more than 40 industries and deliver services in more than 100 countries and 40 languages. Our passion and dedication to innovation, responsiveness, and results have earned us extensive recognition and awards from organizations such as Bersin by Deloitte, Gartner Inc., the Brandon Hall Group and Fortune magazine. For more information, please visit https://www.randstadrisesmart.co.uk

About GoodHabitz

GoodHabitz sees life as one big learning process. We therefore do everything we can to make personal development as fun and accessible as possible. For everyone. How? By offering the most attractive work-related online courses in the market! Because if you enjoy learning, you feel more comfortable, more complete and more successful. That is good for you and for the company you work for.  All our online training courses are developed entirely in-house, whereby quality, humour, enthusiasm and a smooth user experience make the difference. We put the users in charge and help organisations make online learning really successful. Currently, more than 1700 large and small organisations from various industries - from finance, healthcare, food, tech and government - are creating a learning culture together with Goodhabitz. Goodhabitz clients include H&M, Randstad, Argenta, Delhaize, Proximus, Constructiv and many more.


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04 August 2021

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